13/04/2020: MyMKAS v3

Welcome to the all new MyMKAS.

This initial release includes new functionality and removes some previous functionality from MyMKAS version 2.  We have taken the opportunity to simplify our product offering and remove some services that were not commercially viable.


Changed Products and Services
Remove: Poli-payments Removed Poli-payment gateway
Remove: Logo Builder Removed Logo Builder functionality
Remove: Server Monitoring Removed Server Monitoring (SM) functions and services
Remove: Automated SSL Certificates Removal of Auto provisioning of SSL certificates through Trustwave
Update: VPN Connect VPN Connect plans have reduced to a single plan with unlimited bandwidth
Update: Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 365 services updated to Microsoft 365 services
Add: Meet, by MKAS Added Meet by MKAS Virtual Meeting services


Updated MyMKAS Functionality
Support Tickets Increased the functionality of support tickets and how they are processed
Contact Security Increased the security permissions for client contacts.  Account owners now have greater control over the information that contacts can access.
Client Security Added the ability to add IP restrictions to accessing client accounts
Amazon (Lightsail) VPS services Added ability to create and manage Amazon Lightsail virtual servers
Australian VPS Services Added the ability to create and manage Linux and Windows VPS in Australia
Affiliates Updated Affiliates platform to include comission plans and affiliate vouchers
Account History Added the ability for clients to view all action logs, email logs, credit logs and portal notifications
Client Account Control

Added functionality for clients to self-manage:

  • Application of credit
  • Generation of invoices
  • Email notifications
  • Time zone
  • Contact security
Post-paid billing control

Added the ability to invoice on post-paid basis for products that are paid for after consumption

Client ticket rating

Added ability for clients to rate the support services they receive from MKAS staff

SMS Notifications Added the ability for clients to receive SMS notifications for actions and service related alerts


On its way - what we are working on...
SMS Services The ability to send and receive SMS to your clients through MyMKAS
Cloud Hub (working name) Secure, share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar, engage in video chat from anywhere in the world
Internet / Voice Connectivity Fixed NBN services, 4G mobile internet services, and increased capacity for Unified Communications options

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